This is available for the KPAC II Series, KPHP Series, and Iceberg Series.

$50.00 Rebate on a KwiKool Ceiling Kit when purchased with a matching KwiKool Model.

$25.00 Rebate on a KwiKool Air Chute Kit when purchased with a matching KwiKool Model.

KwiKool model along with Ceiling Kit and/or Air Chute Kit must be purchased together to receive the rebate. If you purchased more than 1 model with matching kit(s), please fill out a rebate form for each model purchased. To receive this rebate your purchase must be made between January 1 – December 31, 2017. Do not forget to attach your receipt showing the purchase of system & kit(s) together. There will be a delay in your rebate if the receipt attached does not show the items purchased together. Please allow 90 days for the rebate to be processed.

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Model numbers and serial numbers are located on the rating plate on the back of your model.

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