BioKool™ Is The Solution For Purifying Temperature Control

June 4, 2018

BioKool™ Is The Solution For Purifying Temperature Control

HOUSTON TX // 2018 // Kwikool Corporate – Kwikool offers an exclusive premier product with more purification power than any other portable air condition on the market. Leading the way for a new generation of commercial air purifiers.

Introducing BioKool™ the latest addition to the exclusive Kwikool product line. BioKool™joins more than fifty commercial, portable air conditioning units developed over the course of two decades. Kwikool’s wealth of experience is leading the industry in portable cooling systems with more innovations in spot cooling than any other brand on several fronts. Today, they add to those achievements by raising the bar to specifically address challenges faced by medical administrators, clean room facilities, and laboratories. BioKool™ is the answer they were searching for in a purification, spot cooling system.

BioKool™ Is the only solution of its caliber for purifying temperature control. BioKool™ eclipses the competition by offering the cleanest airflow – disinfecting while it cools, for maximum purification. BioKool’s exclusive four-point “air therapy” process retards mold and microbe growth above and beyond the industry standard, thanks to a state of the art HEPA filter not found anywhere else.

In addition, BioKool™ contains a high static blower that facilitates precision airflow through a hermetically sealed four-inch-thick HEPA filter controlling particulates down to three-tenths of a micron.

As an added layer of protection, Internal UVC lights have been fitted inside each air chamber irradiating the cold air supply as well as the evaporator coil and the internal surfaces of the evaporator chamber. With a UVC light in place, microorganisms simply cannot multiply.

Kwikool has gone as far as designing a smooth, non-porous surfaced evaporator insulation. This smooth surface repels moisture inhibiting molds or other microbes from attaching in order to reproduce.

This state of the art BioKool™ product is something to get excited about, it provides maximum protection from 99.9% of contaminants found in inside and outside air. As an added feature, our patented design and dual condenser ducting are guaranteed to maintain balanced air pressure within the room, keeping it cooler, longer. It also runs on 115V for an easy plug and play installation.

“We believe that BioKool™ is poised to significantly improve everyone’s cost-performance ratio, and enable short and long-term regulatory medical industry compliance. “This will fundamentally change our industry’s expectations of spot cooling performance,” Michael Volle, Owner of Kwikool.

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, KwiKool has been manufacturing portable cooling systems since 1997. With a focus on safety, quality, and operational effectiveness, Kwikool has structured its operations to support global customers’ continuous improvement expectations in quality assurance and supply. Kwikool manufactures products for both indoor and outdoor use, bacteria-killing products, water, and also air-cooled spot coolers for comfort cooling and even ceiling-mounted units which can be permanently mounted for the long term.

We Manufacture Excellent Commercial Portable Cooling Equipment.”

Our portable air coolers can be used as backup and emergency units to get you cold or warm in a snap! Kwikool products are also used for comfort cooling at its finest. Headquartered right here in Greater Houston, everything is manufactured and assembled right here in the great state of Texas. Kwikool has a network of dealers, installers, and service providers throughout the United States. Kwikool products are the highest performing in the industry.

Kwikool Marketing Director: Doria R Goldman | 713-335-9853 |  10404 Mula Road, Stafford, Texas 77477