May. 08, 2017

Special New System!

We are currently working on a 1-Ton Dual Duct Special System! Stayed tuned to learn more about this exciting new addition to our KwiKool line of products!

Feb. 07, 2017

2017 AHRExpo

January 30th – February 1st, we took part in the 2017 AHRExpo in Las Vegas. It was a huge success! We received an overwhelming positive response with amazing feedback. We had lots of inquiries and some of them will be leading to the development of new and exciting products.
Stay tuned …..

Jan. 01, 2017

2017 Rebate

This is available for the KPAC II Series, KPHP Series, and Iceberg Series.

$50.00 Rebate on a KwiKool Ceiling Kit when purchased with a matching KwiKool Model.

$25.00 Rebate on a KwiKool Air Chute Kit when purchased with a matching KwiKool Model.

Jun. 29, 2016

Portable Rules Spark Confusion

The Department of Energy has issued a new determination in which the agency can now regulate portable air conditioners. Will this have an effect on commercial units? Our President and COO, Michael Volle took part in this great article “Portable Rules Spark Confusion” by Kimberly Schwartz a Contributing Editor with The ACHR NEWS. To read and learn more about this click on the following link:

Jan. 02, 2016

2 New Sizes of KPACII

In addition to our KPAC1411-2, the smallest 14,000 btuh commercial spot cooler in the world,  we have now introduced the new KPAC1811-2 and KPAC2421-2. Both are the smallest in their class and boast all of the features of their smaller KPAC1411-2 counterpart.

Mar. 03, 2015

KwiKool Introduces CeilingMaster which are Ceiling Mounted Units in Models from 2 to 5-Tons

The Smallest most powerful ceiling mounted unit available. KwiKool’s KCC is almost half the size of any ceiling mounted unit with more power. Some models have KwiKools exclusive THD Technology. Available in air-cooled (KCA) and water-cooled (KCW) You won’t believe how SMALL these units are.

Feb. 19, 2015


Kwikool is now making 50 hz models. Each of these new models are designed like all Kwikool equipment, from the ground up. And, to fit a specific need and specific application problems. (more…)

Mar. 01, 2013


Well, we've done it again. Introducing the smallest commercial portable in the world.  In addition to its compact design, this single duct model is both economical yet very robust. Featuring a 20 gauge galvanized and powder-coated cabinet, the KPACII is ideal for the rental market as well as spot cooling applications. Simple and easy to use, this model will undoubtedly redefine what a spot cooler should be. Smaller footprint means more units on a truck at one time means less trips and more profit. And also it means less warehouse needed per ton for storage.

Jun. 15, 2012

KwiKool Iceberg Series Released! SAC Models are now Retired.

KwiKool Iceberg Series now available in 1 to 10-Ton Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Models!

Mar. 20, 2012

The ICEBERG SERIES soon to be released.

Soon the ICEBERG Series Portable Air Conditioner will be in production and released for distribution. The ICEBERG Series is the next generation of portables with many features you will not find in any other portable. From self-diagnostics to low ambient controls to the smallest size ever, the ICEBERG Series is the best KWIKOOL yet. Like its namesake, the biggest part of what makes up the ICEBERG is under the surface. The ICEBERG is not just another pretty face.. Available in 1 to 10-Tons in Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Models