July 6, 2017

Portable Air Conditioning Cross HVAC Market Barriers

Our Vice President, Mike Renier took part in this great article “Portable Units Cross HVAC Market Barriers” by Nicole Krawcke, Business Management Editor with The ACHR NEWS. Where he answers the question, ” What is spot cooling?”

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What is spot cooling?

As the name implies, a spot cooler is portable commercial air conditioner designed to cool a “hot spot” in an office, factory, laboratory, hospital or any place that needs to be cooled. Spot coolers direct a jet of cool air where you need it the most. Spot cooling avoids the higher price, and possibly inefficiency of cooling the entire room or building.
Computer rooms and data centers use spot coolers to cool server racks. Hospitals use them to keep medical supplies and equipment cool, and to keep patients comfortable. Factories use them to cool overheating equipment or work spaces. Office managers and facility directors employ portable air conditioning in order to keep business running smoothly. Sometimes a built in air conditioning system cannot handle the capacity of the room, for whatever reason, and a spot cooler is just the answer until the situation is remedied.
Spot coolers are used in emergency situations and for normal comfort cooling. Kwikool spot coolers are self-contained. They roll into place and most are plug and play, meaning they only need a standard 120V electrical supply.