If any part of your KwiKool Portable Cooling System fails because of a manufacturing defect within a twelve-month period from date of original purchase, KwiKool will furnish, without charge F.O.B. HOUSTON, TEXAS the required replacement parts and labor. Because of the inconvenience to the customer, KWIKOOL may, at its sole discretion, initiate an SRA (service repair authorization), to utilize a local repair person. SRAs, when used will cover diagnosis calls at our established service rate of no more than $85.00 per hour and repair costs at no more than our estimated service repair time for any given repair. No SRA will be paid for repairs that have not been authorized by KwiKool and/or are not included in and under this warranty. IN NO CASE WILL KWIKOOL PAY FOR ANY REPAIRS NOT APPROVED IN WRITING BY KWIKOOL PRIOR TO REPAIRS BEING MADE. If equipment develops such defects in this period, it will be repaired at the rates and time established by us or replaced at our discretion.  The effective warranty date is the ship date of the unit or the installation date if properly documented; but not to exceed (18) eighteen months of shipment date.

If the Hermetic compressor fails because of a manufacturing defect within the extended compressor warranty from the date of original purchase and customer has purchased an extended warranty, KwiKool will furnish without charge, F.O.B. HOUSTON, TEXAS, the required replacement. Any transportation, related service labor, diagnosis calls, filters, driers and / or refrigerant are not included.

This warranty specifically EXCLUDES:

  1. Damages caused by improper installation, misuse of equipment, freight damage or negligent servicing.
  2. Units that are to be used where ambient evaporative or condenser temperatures will be less than 60 degrees F are not covered by this warranty. Furthermore, units to be used where the evaporator / condenser temperature exceed 105 degrees F. for extended periods will not be covered by this warranty.
  3. Incidental or consequential damages including charges for rental equipment.
  4. Overtime or afterhours charges, Travel Time, Parking, Fuel Surcharges, or more than one Repair Person working on the unit(s), or any other incidental charges not directly attributed to the repair and approved prior to the charge.
  5. Installation, de-installation, packaging or removal of the unit to any other location.
  6. Freight unless specifically stated in this warranty.

This warranty constitutes the exclusive remedy of any purchaser of KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems and is in lieu of all other warranties, expressed or implied, including, without limitation, any implied warranty or merchantability of fitness for use, to the fullest extent permitted by Law. In no event shall KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems be liable for incidental or consequential damages. This warranty applies to products purchased and retained for use in the United States and are honored under KwiKool standard warranty. Shipping charges apply after the first 90 days. However, units used for rental purposes only have a 90-day parts / labor warranty F.O.B. HOUSTON, TEXAS.  Units shipped for use in Canada and Mexico have a parts only warranty, FOB HOUSTON.

THIS WARRANTY GIVES YOU SPECIFIC LEGAL RIGHTS, AND YOU MAY ALSO HAVE OTHER RIGHTS WHICH VARY FROM STATE TO STATE AND COUNTRY TO COUNTRY.  Some states and countries do not allow limitation or exclusions, so the above limitations or exclusions may not apply to you.


  1. Fill out the online registration at http://www.kwikool.com/warranty-registration/
  2. To obtain service under this warranty, please follow the following procedures:
    1. Contact KwiKool Technical Support Department at (U.S.) 1-800-594-5665 and speak to a technical support person. Please have the following information for your call:
      1. Information needed to get a proper authorization, SRA / RMA NUMBER
        1. The unit serial number.
        2. The unit model number (e.g. KIB 2411)
        3. The unit date code.
        4. The part number or description of the part to be replaced or symptoms.
      2. If found by technical support to need further professional diagnosis or repair, an RMA to return the unit will be provided OR at our discretion, a Service Repair Authorization (SRA). This SRA will be provided describing the problem and an initial authorized amount to be paid under this warranty for a service call for diagnosis (usually a one hour service call). The SRA will be sent via email or faxed to the customer.
      3. If Technical support deems the repairs needed are more serious, than an RMA will be issued. Unit will need to be packaged and shipped back to factory for repair.
      4. NOTE: the decision for issuing and SRA or an RMA for return to factory shall be at the sole discretion of KWIKOOL.
    2. If an SRA has been provided for a diagnosis service call, the customer MUST make sure the following procedures are followed.
      1. The service company MUST call 1-800-KWIKOOL (800-594-5665) upon arrival and prior to working on the unit. Technical support will guide him through the diagnosis. This communication will insure a proper diagnosis and repair of the unit.
        1. If the unit is deemed to have a NON warranty problem, customer will be advised as to the problem and reason for non-warranty.
        2. If technical support deems further repair or action is required, we will either provide a supplemental SRA for additional work or an RMA to ship the unit back to the factory for repair. The SRA will have a not to exceed amount based on factory estimated times to complete the work at a maximum of $85 per hour. Parts will be shipped UPS ground to customer for the related repair.
        3. Unauthorized service calls or repairs are not covered under this warranty, such as emergency after-hours or non-approved service charges. Only service expenses approved in advanced of the work to be performed are covered under this warranty.
        4. Only the direct repair cost at an hourly rate of $85.00 per hour with written confirmation is covered. No incidental charges such as overtime, travel time, truck charges, rental units, VACUUm pump or equipment charges, parking, fuel surcharges or multiple technicians working on the unit(s).
        5. After the unit repairs are completed, the customer will submit to Kwikool the SRA, signed and dated to attest that the work was completed satisfactorily and an invoice for the work.(if available) KwiKool will reimburse the customer by check for the authorized amount on the SRA.  The check will be issued to customer within 7 business days from receipt of signed SRA.
        6. In the event that a unit must be sent back to the factory for repair, the customer is responsible for packaging, freight and freight damage. If KwiKool pays the freight as a convenience to customer, the customer will be required to pay KwiKool for the inbound freight as well as the quoted return freight before the unit is released for return. KwiKool is in no case responsible for any damage due to shipping or customer’s lack of protective packaging for the shipping. In addition, if the customer needs packaging materials to ship the unit back, KwiKool will provide packaging materials for $150.00 per unit, FOB Houston, Texas. Shipping charges to customers’ location will be added to provide appropriate packaging.
          1. NOTE: the decision for issuing an SRA or an RMA for return to factory shall be at the sole discretion of KWIKOOL

All warranty work must have signed written authorization (SRA) from KwiKool prior to any work being started. No warranty work will be reimbursed to the customer without the following: written authorization (SRA) and a paid itemized invoice from a HVAC repair person.


 All parts and units shipped to customer will need to be paid for prior to shipment, credit will be given upon return of the defective part or unit.

  1. Authorization must be obtained before any replacement parts, other than those provided by KwiKool are installed. There are two methods for replacing warranty parts:
    1. The customer / distributor can purchase the part from KwiKool with a Returned Materials Authorization (RMA) number and will only be charged for the cost of the part. After the first 90 days, shipping charges will apply. When the defective part is returned, the customer will be reimbursed the cost of the part / distributor’s account will be credited for the cost of the part.
    2. The customer / distributor can call KwiKool Service Department to get an RMA number to send the defective part back to KwiKool, a replacement part will be sent, and shipping charges will apply, after the first 90 days.


Address to return defective parts:

KwiKool Portable Cooling Systems

10404 Mula Road – Stafford, Texas  77477