Founded in 1997, KWIKOOL has become the leading innovator in portable cooling. Our manufacturing process takes place in Houston, Texas, from start to finish.

We Manufacture Excellent Commercial Portable Cooling Equipment.

Kwikool’s extraordinary unique products and new ways of doing things, are by far innovation over imitation. This has been the Kwikool strategy and strength over other brands for more than two decades.

  1. Size Matters

    Size is always the challenge with portable coolers. Every one of our products are purposefully engineered to be as compact as possible without sacrificing performance, and especially durability. Every product we make is tailored to exceed expectations and set a new status quo. We use high grade materials with the strength to move around. We design excellent commercial portable cooling equipment, and have built our name on superior customization with an emphasis on detail.

  2. Innovation

    Our unique ability to customize products quickly is driving our success.  We’re interested applying the latest in technological advancements, to our various product lines, exceeding the quality that is already out there. Details such as designing a 2-Ton portable cooling unit to run on a 115 volt 20 amp circuit ; or building in an I/O condenser plenum that makes our units outperform the competition, give us a leading edge and make Kwikool a better value for our customers.

  3. Design Features

    As innovators, we design to the need. After more than two decades, of applying creative ingenuity to Kwikool products, we have multiple lines for applications across various industries. A process which has led us to improving the end user experience as well as functional use of all of our portable cooling systems.  For example, building in high lift condensate pumps made it easier for installers. Fine tuning easy access doors allow service personnel to maintenance quickly without power tools. These are a few of our features that make our products head and shoulders over the competition.

  4. Domestically Made

    Kwikool can provide competent and reliable evidence to back up the claim that our products are “all or virtually all” made in the U.S. From the cost of manufacturing materials, direct manufacturing labor and manufacturing overhead. Kwikool is USA from start to finish. “Made in the USA” It’s a label that evokes patriotism, carries an unspoken promise of quality and has a political undertone of job security for American workers. Kwikool is in compliance with the “Made In The USA” standard.

  5. Markets Served

    We provide portable cooling and heating solutions to industries across the board to all industries.

Our Vision

With a focus on safety, quality and operational effectiveness, Kwikool has structured its operations to support global customers’ continuous improvement expectations in quality assurance and supply. KwiKool manufactures products for both indoor and outdoor use, bacteria killing products, water and also air cooled products, and above ceiling mounted units which can be permanently mounted for long term use. Our portable air coolers can be used as backup and emergency units to get you cold or warm in a snap! Kwikool products are also used for comfort cooling at its finest. Headquartered right here in Greater Houston, everything is manufactured and assembled right here in the great state of Texas. Kwikool has a network of dealers, installers, and service providers throughout the United States. Kwikool products are the highest performing in the industry. With more than fifty products in seven designated series of spot coolers and portable coolers, you can bet there is a unique product specifically designed for what you need.


Brief History of Our Company

June, 2012

The ICEBERG Series has been released and is the next generation of portables with many features you will not find in any other portable. From self-diagnostics to low ambient controls to the smallest size ever, the ICEBERG Series is the best KWIKOOL yet. Like its namesake, the biggest part of what makes up the ICEBERG is under the surface. Available in 1 to 10-Tons in Air-Cooled and Water-Cooled Models

November, 2009

The first and only solution for the HVAC professional to the problem of working in an attic space in 130-150 degree temperatures. The AtticMaster will not just save you money…It will MAKE you money. POWERFUL-COMPACT-AFFORDABLE-PROFITABLE!.

October, 2009

The Smallest most powerful ceiling mounted unit available. KwiKool’s KCU is almost half the size of any ceiling mounted unit with more power. Some models have KwiKools exclusive THD Technology. Available in Air cooled and water cooled…you wont believe how SMALL these units are.

July, 2008

KwiKool has released its THD Technology. The THD allows for larger units to function without the use of belts and pullies. This gives the user a “no maintenance ” solution for larger air volumes. Also it allows more air in a smaller package reducing the over size of the 3.5-Ton and 5-Ton by over 4 inches in length.

February, 1997

KwiKool is formed and enters the Portable Cooling Systems market.


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