May 9, 2017

Industrial and Processes

High temperature environments, such as in an unconditioned factory or warehouse, can be a hindrance to productivity. Comfort cooling at the very least, can make an impossible attic or small space tolerable, and hospitable for employees to function throughout their shift. Weighing the impracticability to expense is a no brainer when you learn all Kwikool has to offer. Our solutions are absolutely affordable, because you can’t do your best in a space you can’t breath in.

Stationary working environments where stale air is an issue make spot cooling a must. Take the risk out of management, with total environmental control at your fingertips. Use Kwikool, because we are easy on the budget, and after two decades we have developed over fifty tailored products to be the most efficient for your work space.

Ask about our KPAC II Series or the attic master. We often place a unit within 5 feet of the person working. Kwikool’s KPAC II Series models can achieve a 20 degree F variance. For example, if the ambient temperature is 95 degrees F., KPACII will produce 75 degree F. cold air output. The temperature differential will diminish at temperatures above 100 degrees F.