May 9, 2017

Healthcare and Hospitals

Introducing BioKool™ the latest addition to the exclusive Kwikool product line. With more than thirty units developed over the course of two decades , Kwikool is leading the industry in portable cooling systems with more innovations in spot cooling than any other brand. Today, they have achieved what others have not been able to do; provide everything medical administrators, clean room facilities, and laboratories have been searching for in a spot cooling system.

BioKool™ IS the only solution of it’s caliber for emergency temperature control. As of today, there is no runner up. BioKool™ simultaneously cleans and disinfect while it cools. BioKool’s exclusive four point “air therapy” process cools, cleans, disinfects and retards mold and microbe growth thanks to a state of the art filter inside the unit.

In addition, BioKool™ contains a high static blower which facilitates precision air flow through a hermetically sealed, four inch thick HEPA filter controlling particulates down to three tenths of a micron.

As an added layer of protection Internal UVC lights have been fitted inside each air chamber irradiating the cold air supply as well as the evaporator coil and the internal surfaces of the evaporator chamber. With a UVC light in place, microorganisms simply cannot multiply.

Kwikool has gone as far as designing a smooth, non-porous surfaced evaporator insulation. This smooth surface repels moisture inhibiting molds or other microbes from attaching  in order to reproduce.

This state of the art BioKool™ unit,  provides maximum protection from 99.9% of contaminants found in inside and outside air. Our patented design and dual condenser ducting maintains balanced air pressure within the room, keeping it cool, as long as you need.

“We believe that BioKool™ is poised to significantly improve everyone’s cost performance ratio, and enable short and long-term regulatory medical industry compliance. This will fundamentally change our industry’s expectations of spot cooling performance,” says Michael Volle, Owner of Kwikool.