May 9, 2017

Outdoor Event and Supplemental or Emergency Indoor/Outdoor Cooling

There are a variety of heating and cooling systems out there that claim to be efficient for outdoor use. Based on your location, the protocols for addressing temperature issues will vary. Kwikool has more than fifty products to choose from in order to match your space for high efficiency. Keep your wallet as cool as your space with our expert assistance. We would love to see another successful event go off without a hitch!

Kwikool has two product series which feature products specifically designed to give a permanent unit a boost or can take the cool to your tent outside. Summer months can be a challenge, and we can help. Ask about our KPACII and KPO Series’ of products.

Kwikool launched a line of outdoor air-cooled condensers designed to provide a cost-saving solution for process cooling by locating the condensing coil outside of the cooling zone. All KPO models are designed to be placed outside of the space being cooled with the cold air supply and return ducts being run into the space. This remote condenser option effectively uses outdoor ambient air temperature to cool the refrigerant in the chiller refrigeration loop. It also reduces indoor heating, ventilation and air conditioning loading and noise levels by moving the unit outdoors.

The KwiKool Indoor/Outdoor series provides air conditioning solutions for even the most difficult applications. The KPO Series offers 5-ton
or 12-ton cooling capacities with optional heat strips, 12kW for 5-ton and 24kW for 12-ton models. The smallest, most versatile portable in the world!