April 1, 2024

Server, Electrical and Data Equipment Spot Cooling

Data and server rooms must have a clean, air-conditioned, and stable atmosphere for optimal performance. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your backups are ready in case of power or system failure. Building HVAC units may vary or cycle during weekends and vacation periods. However, a permanent portable unit can maintain perfect temperatures and humidity levels even if the system is not entirely under your control. So, do not risk your tech with subpar service that can lead to hot spots or downtime. Take control of your tech with a portable unit from KwiKool.

Data control managers know that the temperature of a room loaded with equipment should never fall below 50°F or above 82°F. Therefore, it is important to maintain the temperature within this range to avoid mishaps.

How Do I Vent a Portable Air Conditioner in a Server Room?

The most popular option is an easy-to-use drop ceiling vent kit. With this kit, moisture and heat exit through the exhaust hose and go above the ceiling tiles.

Can I Keep a Portable Air Conditioner Running Continuously?

Yes, you can with the KwiKool Iceberg series portable air conditioner and a condensate pump with access to a drain. The condensate pump has a 20-ft. head pressure, which allows a condensate line to run to the nearest drain located up to 100 feet away. This way, you can keep the unit running continuously, even overnight and over the weekends, without worrying about emptying a tank or other disruptions while you’re away.

Affordability Without Compromise

KwiKool Iceberg models are often used for off-hours operations and emergency backup. Our unique, balanced air pressure system offers the most effective, relatively quiet, and high-tech solution. The Iceberg series models are fully self-contained portable air conditioners with precise capacity matching the heat load, ideal for cooling high-tech environments.

KwiKool offers 22 different Iceberg models from 1 to 10 tons of capacity in air-cooled and water-cooled units, which will solve most server room air conditioning problems. KIB air-cooled units are most commonly installed and efficient in moving heat load to the area above the ceiling. On the other hand, KWIB water-cooled models require a circulating water system, such as a cooling tower or chilled water, eliminating the need for ducting. This easily programmable unit cools large areas without occupying much of your space. The dual hose, self-evaporating technology is environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

The KwiKool Advantages

  • KwiKool is the ideal solution for customers with budget or flexibility requirements.
  • Our American-made products use better-quality American components and take up less space than competitors.
  • We offer optimal solutions for specific air conditioning problems, selected from seven different series with 44 unique models.
  • The KPAC II Series models solve simple comfort cooling in a small package with excellent airflow.
  • Iceberg Series models are perfect for critical equipment in server rooms that require precise temperature control.
  • The PHP Series provides dual comfort air conditioning and heating in a single piece of equipment.
  • KPO Series models can move cool air long distances to address isolated heat loads.
  • The Attic Master can move cool air up to 90 feet to cool a person or equipment in an extremely hot environment.