May 9, 2017

Portable AC for Facilities, Retail Environments, and Office

Classrooms, lecture halls, and other rooms are heated and cooled when they are expected to be in use. Your job as a FM of a school is to create a reasonably comfortable working and learning environment while balancing the need to economize resources wisely. When managing an office building, no matter the temperature outside, a facilities manager has to keep things comfortable inside. This prevents unhappy tenants, unusable buildings and repair budget overruns for problems like frozen pipes in winter. A temperature control system can adjust the temperature inside a building. FMs can prepare for the changing seasons by acquainting themselves with the system in their own facility, and by having emergency back up plans in place.

When a permanent cooling system shuts down there may be a need for temporary comfort cooling for employees, students, and customers so the day’s productivity can continue. Kwikool has placed their entire focus on commercial application for more than two decades.

Kwikool has been perfecting a line of more than 50 commercial portable cooling systems since the 1990’s

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, KwiKool places a focus on safety, quality, efficiency and operational effectiveness. Owned and maintained by a Texan, Michael Volle, has committed to manufacturing every detail in the manufacturing facility right here in Greater Houston. All the while, structuring operations to support global customers’ and continually improving expectations of excellence in quality assurance and supply.

KwiKool manufactures products for both indoor and outdoor use, bacteria killing products, water and also air cooled products, and above ceiling mounted units which can be permanently mounted for long term use. You name the immediate need, and one of our efficiency service coordinators will match a model to your facility.