“We Manufacture Excellent Commercial Portable Cooling Equipment.”

Headquartered in Houston, Texas, KwiKool® has been manufacturing portable cooling systems since 1997. With a focus on safety, quality, and operational effectiveness, KwiKool® has structured its operations to support customers’ continuous improvements and expectations in quality assurance and supply. KwiKool® manufactures products for both indoor and outdoor use, bacteria-killing products, water and also air-cooled spot coolers for comfort cooling, and even ceiling-mounted units that can be permanently mounted for the long term. All 54 of our products are manufactured and assembled right here in the great state of Texas. KwiKool® has a network of dealers, installers, and service providers throughout the United States. KwiKool® products are the highest-performing in the industry.

BioAir Max™ HEPA Filtration Ultraviolet Light & ANP Ionization

BioAir Max™ is KwiKool’s complete solution to air cleanliness. With all of the features of the BioAir+™, the BioAir MAX™ includes KwiKool’s ANP (Advanced Needle Point) bi-polar ionization. The ionization creates both negative and positive ions in the output airstream. These “charged” particles attract other airborne particles that are usually too small and too light to be addressed. However, with the attached ions, these particles are now large enough for the combined atoms to be caught in the HEPA filter or drop to a surface where they can be killed using sanitizers or other methods. BioAir MAX™ ANP Ionization reduces pathogens by up to 90% within 60 minutes. BioAir MAX™ by KwiKool employs the air filtration power of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) 99.9% filters, and all have the purifying power of ultraviolet light.

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Purified A/C

BioKool™ is the newest KwiKool portable cooling system, which combines Air Conditioning with Air Purification. BioKool uses the air cleansing capacity of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) 99.9% filter with advanced purification from UVC light technology. UVC lights housed inside the unit eliminate damaging pathogens within the air chamber. BioKool™ MAX offers these same features with the addition of a Needle-Point Bi-Polar Ion Generator. Needle-Point Bi-Polar Ion Generator eliminates up to 90% of pathogens when adequately sized. Dual Ducting provides balanced air pressure within the space for maximum cooling efficiency while cooling the air at a rate of 13,800 Btu-per-hour. In addition, the stainless steel cabinet rejects bacterial growth.

Portable AC, HEPA Air Purification

In combination with the HEPA filter, a high-intensity ultraviolet lamp operates at the peak wavelength of energy emission, destroying up to 99.9% of airborne pathogens. The cooled air stream and surfaces are exposed to the germicidal ultraviolet light.  BioKool™ is the most effective way to destroy viruses, bacteria, and mold spores. Cooled, dehumidified air is continually filtered through the room, diluting microcontaminants. The CDC recommends four lines of defense against infection: pressure, filtration, purification, and dilution. BioKool™ covers all four of those requirements, empowering healthcare facilities to meet their primary goal and improving patient outcomes.  BioKool™ is economical, safe, and unquestionably the most reliable way to provide air conditioning while aiding in the fight against pathogens.

Portable HEPA Air Purifier Filter System

BioAir+™ by KwiKool employs the air filtration power of High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) 99.9% filters, and all have the purifying power of ultraviolet light. All models can be used as a HEPA-filtered air cleaner or a filtered negative air machine. When used to create a negative pressure, the unit removes potentially contaminated air from the space and pulls in fresh air from outside of the space. Also, the BioAir+™ models can simultaneously clean and purify while creating a negative pressure. Dual UVC lights are housed inside the stainless steel chambers, reinforced by reflective insulation to multiply the effect and attack more molds, bacteria, and pathogens. BioAir+™ by KwiKool is available in 3 models, 600 CFM, 1000 CFM, & 1800 CFM, and all models feature advanced digital touchscreen control.


Plug and Play Products for instant temperature control.

  • ICEBERG II KIB SERIES – Full-featured air-cooled portables from 14K to 120K btuh.
  • ICEBERG II KWIB SERIES – Full-featured water-cooled portables from 14K to 120K btuh.
  • KPACII SERIES – Down and Dirty Cooling at an economical price.
  • KPHP SERIES – Heat Pumps for maximum flexibility with minimum setup that provides heating and cooling with the switch of a button.
  • BIOKOOL KBIO SERIES – This is a full-featured, air-cooled, and water-cooled combination portable air conditioner and air scrubber at 14K btuh.
  • BIOAIR  SERIES – Full-featured air-cooled and water-cooled combination portable Air conditioner and Air Scrubber at 14K btuh.


Products for demanding applications. Designed with high static blowers for areas that are hard to reach with conventional products

  • KPO INDOOR/OUTDOOR SERIES – High static and airflow units for difficult-to-solve higher-capacity cooling applications. Available in 60K, 144K, and 235K btus.
  • ATTICMASTER KAM14 SERIES – Spot Cooling on Steroids – High Static portable for hard-to-reach high ambient applications. Pumps cold air up to 90 feet.

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Oct. 20 2020
ICEBERG gets a makeover

Kwikool’s new Iceberg II series, the flagship for KWIKOOL, has been redesigned.   The ICEBERG...


KwiKool® products tackle difficult situations by finding innovative solutions not otherwise available on the market. Our focus is on performance. KwiKool® is slowly redefining the portable cooling industry one product at a time. KwiKool® systems are manufactured with high-grade steel and utilize proprietary components as well as the very best available American-made parts. We continually improve our products to remain one of the top American producers of the highest quality commercial portable cooling products. We aim to create the most value for our clients with all fifty-four products in our line-up, all manufactured in Texas.

  1. 1
    I/O Integral Condenser

    KwiKool’s I/O Integral Condenser is a dual duct system and is the only portable product that gives you a balanced air system without expensive and bulky add-on plenums. Other brands require you to purchase these costly add-on plenums, or you have to live with a negative pressure in the space, giving you a drastically reduced adequate unit capacity.

  2. 2
    HDT - HyperDrive Technology

    KwiKool’s HDT (hyper-drive technology)  eliminates the use of belts for maintenance-free operation without losing the high volume of air normally associated with belt drive blower assemblies. Used in several of our product lines.

  3. 3
    High Capacity 115 Volt Portable

    KwiKool’s unique Iceberg KIB2411 delivers two nominal tons (24,000 btuh) of cooling on a 115V 20 Amp circuit. And with all of the features of the Iceberg Series, this unique product will do what no other brand can.

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    Super Small Footprints

    Since “Portable” is in our name and also the name of our game, we at KwiKool take size seriously. In fact, the footprint of KwiKool products can be up to 40 % smaller than that of competitive products of the same capacity even before they add their bulky add-on plenum, which is required for their units to function in a closed environment such as a server room or office space.





At KwiKool, we understand the necessity of offering equipment that not only works but also works in situations that no other equipment can. We also know that size matters and that you, the customer, need equipment that doesn’t sacrifice performance to get a small, compact size. We Listen.


SIMPLE- Yet Technically Sophisticated

KwiKool equipment is designed to be user-friendly yet packed full of technology. The idea of adapting to the most difficult cooling challenges is built into all KwiKool products. We do this by including features and technology that allow our units to work in many applications.



KwiKool products are designed with all of the features you need without nickel-and-diming you with add-on options like most other brands. In fact, if you compare Kwikool to the competition, we give you lots of features not even offered by the other brands at no additional cost. At KwiKool, we provide the best value of any brand.



KwiKool doesn’t copy the designs from other brands. Instead, we design our products with the intent to solve customer problems and do it economically.  From the user to the installer, to the service tech, KwiKool strives to meet the needs of each without sacrificing performance. Kwikool’s problem-focused solutions are extremely unique and can be found nowhere else.



All KwiKool products are fully assembled in Houston, Texas, USA, using mostly US-made components. This results in a higher-quality end product with readily available parts and US-based technical support.