May 9, 2017

High Temperature

Extremely high temperature environments, such as in an attic, hot industrial process or working on large aircraft/vehicles outside, may need comfort cooling for workers. It is often impractical or prohibitively expensive to cool a space where temperatures are above 110 degrees F. If the unit can be place in an area within 90 feet that is below 100 degrees F., then cool air can be pushed through a duct to cool a person in the hotter area. The AtticMaster is ideal for these applications. The key is placing the duct opening within 5 feet of the person being cooled. The AtticMaster will achieve a 20 degree F. temperature differential across its coil. This means that if the ambient temperature is 95 degrees F., the unit will produce 75 degree F. cold air output. The AtticMaster comes with specially made durable duct, which is guaranteed not to form condensation.