Product User Manuals

Model Series Description Download
KIB Iceberg Series
Air-Cooled Portables
Our Most powerful
air-cooled portables
KWIB Iceberg Series
Water-Cooled Portables
Our most powerful
water-cooled portables
KPACII A Low Profile and Compact Spot Cooler A compact commercial portable spot cooler
KCA/KCW Ceiling Master
Ceiling Mounted
Air & Water-Cooled
Robust and easy to
install where floor
space is limited
KPHP Portable Heat Pumps A single unit with the capability to heat and cool.
KPO KPO 5-Ton & 12-Ton
High Static
Compact Indoor/Outdoor Commercial Portable
Air Conditioners
KAM AtticMaster Built for utility and
small crawl space High Ambient Environments
KBIO Stainless Steel
Medical Approved
UV / HEPA / Stainless Steel / Cleans and Cools